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For the last year and a half I have (somewhat) documented my journey going through how it feels to be diagnosed and the subsequent treatment I have gone through upon having a brain tumour. Had I been told years previous that my entire life and everything in it would literally be thrown in the air I probably would have scoffed at the idea and gone on with my life. 19 year olds don’t get tumours, and they don’t go through treatment till they’re 21. Except they do, and I did. The year 2020 was meant to be the year for us all, we entered a new decade with such hope and perseverance and the daily task of being indoors is hitting us pretty hard. While there are a minority of people who are being absolute reprobates about this situation, the majority of us are following simple lockdown rules in hopes of being able to see our loved ones again in good health. As of writing this (27/04/20) I have been in lockdown for 6 weeks. I’m an ‘extremely vulnerable’ individual: one of those people you

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